What are learning invoices?

A learning invoice is a copy of an invoice that you use for learning in the Optimize module. These copies are normally saved in the database and are not saved as TIFF files.

Every invoice definition must have one or more learning invoices connected to it.

How are they created?

You set the maximum number of learning invoices for each invoice definition in the Learning invoices settings. You can also choose if you want learning invoices only for unidentified invoices or for all invoices.

A learning invoice is created by Verify in these situations:

  • Every time there is an invoice that has the status Unidentified.
  • When you assign an unidentified invoice to an existing supplier, if the maximum number is not reached.
  • When you approve an invoice, if the invoice profile setting All invoices is selected, and if the maximum number is not reached.
  • By the Verify operator, for any desired invoices.

A learning invoice is created by Optimize when you use Optimize to learn an invoice definition that does not already have a learning invoice connected to it.

How can you delete them?

  • Learning invoices are deleted when you delete the invoice definition they are connected to.
  • If you have an invoice definition with more than one learning invoice, you can delete all but one of them, by right-clicking and selecting Delete learning invoice in the Learning invoices dialog (Optimize > View > Learning invoices ).
  • You can also delete learning invoices using a maintenance plan.

What can you use them for?

You use them in Optimize:

  • To manually learn identifiers and fields in an invoice definition that were not learned by Interpret.
  • To apply filters to fields, to be used when processing invoices.
  • To relearn identifiers or fields in an invoice definition in order to improve the interpretation rate.

How can you list them and see them?

You can list and display the learning invoices for an invoice definition using Optimize and using Manager.