The Job description dialog: Status settings for Verify jobs

To access this dialog:

  1. Create or open a Verify job description.
  2. Click Status.

Choosing which statuses to verify is part of creating a Verify job description. Here you specify which invoices are to be processed, based on their statuses.

There are two tabs:

Invoice Determines which invoices are to be processed.
Batch Determines which batches are to be processed. Active only if Use batch mode is selected in the General settings for the Verify job.
Invoice statuses to process
Scanned Processes invoices that were scanned but are not interpreted or associated with an invoice definition. All of the fields on these invoices have the default settings from the invoice profile, and none of the fields are learned.

Select this status to handle unidentified invoices or to handle rerouted invoices manually, for example.

Interpreted Processes invoices that have been interpreted. When Interpreted is selected, you can also specify additional statuses in the Interpret statuses to process settings, below.
Adjusted Allows you to process invoices that have already been adjusted in Verify.
Rejected Allows you to process invoices that have been previously rejected in Verify.
Approved Lets you review invoices that have already been approved in Verify.
Interpret statuses to process
Specifies which invoice statuses require attention. These are available if Interpreted is selected, above.