Add user-defined variables to invoices when they are scanned

This functionality is provided in connection with the ScanInfo Component.

Scan operators can choose to add user-defined variables to invoices when they are scanned. Each variable is listed separately in the Additional information dialog that is displayed when the Scan job opens.

Do the following for each user-defined variable Scan operators can add to invoices when they are scanned:

  1. In Manager, click Settings > ScanInfo configuration.
  2. Click Add and select Create user-defined variable from the list.
  3. In the Selected scan dialog parts dialog, click the desired Create user-defined variable item from the list and then click Edit.
  4. Under Display name, type an appropriate name for the variable to indicate what it is used for. The name is displayed as the heading for the section in the Additional information dialog when it opens.
  5. Under Under user-defined variable name, type the name of the user-defined variable itself.
  6. Optional - Under (Optional) Populate field of type, select a field type to fill corresponding fields on invoices with the same value as the user-defined variable. Note that this only works if the Scan Info component is installed on the computers running Interpret and that any existing values in fields of the selected type are overwritten.
  7. Select Value must be selected/entered if the Scan operator is required to select or enter a value for this user-defined variable in the Additional information dialog. That is, it cannot be left blank.
  8. Under Value type, select what type of value the variable represents. The following value types are available:
    • Text - A text box is provided in which the Scan operator can specify a value. If Default/static text is also specified in connection with this, it becomes the default text in the text box when the dialog opens. If a regular expression is specified under Format to represent the value, the Scan operator needs to type a value that matches the format specified.
    • List - A list of values from which the Scan operator can select a value is provided. Do the following for each value you want to add to the list:
      1. Click Add.
      2. In the Edit list value dialog under Value (written to the UDV), type the value as it will be used in the UDV.
      3. Optional: If you want to specify something more understandable to display in the list, type the desired text under Display value (optional).
      4. Click OK.
      5. If you want the first item in the list to be displayed as the default value in the list when the Additional information dialog opens, select Set top item as default.
    • Static/text - The value of the user-defined variable is set to the text string specified in the Default/static text box. The operator does not see the variable if this is used.
    • Date selection - A calendar is provided from which the operator can select a date. The current date is selected initially
  9. Specify the default action for what is displayed in the User-defined variables section of the Additional information dialog by selecting one of the following options:
    • Do not save last selection - the box is empty when the dialog opens.
    • Remember last selection during session - the most recently selected buyer is the default buyer during the current Scan session. However, the next time you start the Scan module, no buyer is selected initially.
    • Remember last selection between sessions - the most recently selected buyer is the default buyer, even if Scan is restarted.
  10. Click RemoteScanSender to configure the component.
  11. Click OK to save the configuration.

Select the user-defined variables to apply when invoices are scanned

When you start the scan job, go to the section of the Additional information dialog for the user-defined variable in question (the name of the UDV was specified in step 4 above), and select or specify the value depending on the value type specified for it.