Insert and edit fields from invoices in a transaction description

Note Separate topics describe how to insert line item fields and tax tables or bank account tables.

Basic instructions

  1. Using Manager, access the Transaction description dialog.
  2. If this is a new transaction description ensure that the correct invoice profile is selected in the Connected to invoice profile box.
  3. Click Default. Kofax ReadSoft Invoices automatically inserts transaction fields for the single item and list item fields defined on that invoice. You can edit, cut and paste, or delete these as you see fit.

    Alternatively, select an individual transaction field in the Available fields box, and add it to the transaction description by clicking the arrow.

Assigning a default value

You can assign a default value to a transaction field by typing a constant or expression (which must conform to the transaction field’s format) in the Expression box in the Properties dialog.

The characters that are valid in expressions for assigning a numerical default value to a field are the same as those for inserting numerical fields. The only difference is that you must type an equal sign before the expression.

If the field is formatted to include text, then the default value can be text. Type text into the Expression box in quotation marks after the equal sign. You can also use a slash (/). (How?)

However, you cannot retrieve text from one field and assign it to another field as a default value. For example, =Name is not a valid default expression for a text field.


  • The maximum number of characters in an expression is 255.
  • A default value applies only to the particular transaction field in which you indicate it. It does not apply to the same field mentioned in another transaction, nor even to the same field repeated elsewhere within the same transaction description.
  • The default value of a field cannot be associated with its own value: When a field has a value, the default expression is ignored.
  • Decimals are allowed in all expressions. However, make sure that the format of the transaction field allows for the maximum number of decimals that can result from the expression.