Use Kofax VRS for scanners that are not certified

Instead of certifying new scanners for use with Kofax ReadSoft Invoices, they can be used for scanning together with Kofax VRS.

To be able to do this, install and configure Kofax VRS on computers where the Scan module is installed. Refer to the documentation that comes with it for more information on how to do that and the items that are listed below.

  • Configure Kofax VRS using the Kofax administration Console or the Kofax VRS Test Console available from the Windows start menu after VRS has been installed.

  • Create scanning profiles in Kofax VRS, like scanner descriptions in Kofax ReadSoft Invoices, with different settings for different scanning scenarios.

    • These profiles are selected using the Kofax VRS Interactive Viewer when invoices are scanned. This popup viewer can be displayed with the image of the scanned invoice, and the image can be adjusted and saved using it.

    • The new settings from the previous bullet point can also be saved to a new scanning profile if desired.

    • How often the viewer is displayed can be configured by clicking the VRS tray icon in the Windows task bar and selecting one of the options available by clicking Adjust Quality - (On First page, On Every Page, On Warnings, or Never). However, this cannot be done while invoices are scanned.

  • Kofax ReadSoft Invoices also needs to be configured to be able to use Kofax VRS for scanning.