The XML Maintenance dialog: XML invoice definitions tab

To access this dialog:

  1. Using the Manager module, select Plugins > XML Maintenance.
  2. Click the XML invoice definitions tab.

Use this dialog for these tasks (right-click a definition and select the desired option):

Table columns Description
XML profile name The XML invoice profile that the XML invoice definition belongs to.
XML definition name The name of the XML invoice definition.
Changed Date and time when the XML invoice definition was last changed.
Status The XML invoice definition's current status:
  • MarkedForOptimize - the XML invoice definition is marked to be optimized. That is, the XML invoice was either sent to Optimize while in the Verify module, or it was sent there from Interpret.
  • Optimized - the XML invoice definition has been processed in the XML Mapper in Optimize and is ready to be used.
Invoices The number of XML invoices that are connected to the XML invoice definition.
Layout The layout that the XML invoice definition belongs to.

This dialog has other settings.