Divide invoices into batches

There are two ways to divide stacks of paper invoices into batches. Either way works well. You can:

  • Count the number of pages in the invoices for a batch and put them into the scanner’s document feeder one batch at a time. When you do this, you will notice if Kofax ReadSoft Invoices counts a different number of pages than you have. This is a good control. Do not include blank separator pages when you count the number of pages.
  • Put as many invoices as you like into the scanner’s document feeder. Kofax ReadSoft Invoices counts the pages and stops scanning when the batch is complete.
Note When you scan multi-page invoices, scanning will not stop in the middle of an invoice. If the number of pages you specify would have the batch end before all the pages of an invoice are scanned, Scan instead continues until all of the invoice pages are scanned. In other words, Scan ends the batch at the end of the invoice that is being scanned when BatchSize is reached.

Batch size recommendation

The size of a batch depends on the type and quantity of invoices along with the production process used. However, ReadSoft recommends that the total size of any one batch never exceeds 200 pages or 50 invoices. This is because larger batches are more difficult to control. Smaller batches are the most manageable. In addition, when you are processing invoices, re-separation works better with smaller batches.