Select the buyer for invoices when they are scanned

This functionality is provided in connection with the ScanInfo component.

Configure buyer selection in the ScanInfo component

Do the following to allow Scan operators to be able to select the buyer when invoices are scanned.

  1. In Manager, click Settings > ScanInfo configuration.
  2. Click Add and select Buyer selection from the list.
  3. In the Selected scan dialog parts dialog, click Buyer selection and then click Edit.
  4. Select one of the following to define on what to base the counter series:

    You can adjust how buyer information is displayed in the Additional information dialogwhen the scan job is run by clicking the arrow next to the box under Display format. Here are a couple of examples for how buyer names are displayed at runtime if the default macro {NAME} ({NUMBER}) is used:

    • My company (123)
    • My subsidiary (987)
  5. If you do not want the option to automatically detect the buyer in the Additional information dialog, select Hide automatic buyer option. That is, scan operators must manually select the buyer for the job.
  6. Specify the default action for what is displayed in the Specify buyer box in the Additional information dialog by selecting one of the following options.
    • Do not save last selecton - the box is empty when the dialog opens.
    • Remember last selection during session - the most recently selected buyer is the default buyer during the current Scan session. However, the next time you start the Scan module, no buyer is selected initially.
    • Remember last selection between sessions - the most recently selected buyer is the default buyer, even if Scan is restarted.
  7. Click RemoteScanSender to configure the component.
  8. Click OK to save the configuration.

Select buyer when scan job is run

When you start the scan job, select the desired buyer in the dropdown list under Select buyer manually (if Automatic detection of buyer is enabled) and Select buyer (if auto detection is not enabled) in the Additional information dialog.