Customize the RemoteScanSender

This functionality is provided in connection with the ScanInfo component when the RemoteScanSender component is configured.

The RemoteScanSender works with an internal invoice document structure that we call the Raw XML Invoice. When the invoice is to be transferred from the local site to the central site, the raw XML invoice is transformed to another XML format we call the Transformed XML Invoice. This XML invoice file, along with the invoice image, is transferred to the central site either by network file copying or by FTP.

The transformation from Raw XML Invoice to Transformed XML Invoice is performed using XSLT in connection with a file named RemoteScanSendDocument.xsl. This file can be customized. To open it, click Edit document transform XSL in the RemoteScanSender dialog.

For information on how to modify the XSL file, refer to external XPath and XSLT documentation, such as

Customization example

The following example illustrates how the RemoteScanSendDocument.xsl can be changed so the buyer number that is sent in the Transformed XML Invoice is collected from a user-defined variable “company_code”.


      <xsl:if test="/invoice/udvlist/udv[name='company_code']/value != ''">
            <xsl:value-of select="/invoice/udvlist/udv[name='company_code']/value"/>