The Buyers dialog in connection with master data

To access this dialog:

This dialog displays master data from the buyer registry.

Note The name of this dialog is hidden if the dialog is docked (as it is by default).

Filter the list

Use the boxes above the table to filter the results that are displayed:

  • Enter text to find all entries that start with it.

    Example: Enter Read in the Name1 column.

    Results: Reading, ReadSoft, etc.

  • Enclose text in * or % to find all entries that contain it.

    Example: Enter *Read* or %Read% in the Name1 column.

    Results: Reading, ReadSoft, Bread, etc.

  • Enclose text in " to find exact matches only.

    Example: Enter "Read" in the Name1 column.

    Result: Read only.

You can filter more than one column at a time.

Options when the dialog is accessed using Manager

Right-clicking the table gives you several options:

Select all Selects all of the buyers in the table.
New Opens a dialog that lets you add a new buyer to the buyer registry.
Open Opens the Edit buyer dialog, where you can edit the selected buyer in the buyer registry.
Delete Removes the selected buyer, or buyers, from the buyer registry.
List invoices Displays the selected buyer's invoices in the Invoices dialog.
Refresh Updates the table.
Tip See "GUI settings for the Buyers dialog in Eiglobal.ini" topic in INI file help for information on how to specify the appearance of this dialog.