The Database options dialog

To access this dialog:

  1. Using Manager, select Plugins > AutoValue configuration.
  2. In the AutoValue configuration dialog, click Database options.

Use these settings to specify the database settings and create a SQL query string when configuring the AutoValue add-on.

Note AutoValue works only with a SQL Server database. It does not work with an Oracle database.
Database server The name or IP address of the computer acting as the database server.
Login user name The user name for logging on to the database server.
Login password The password for logging on to the database server.
Database name The name of the database containing the value you want to insert. Click Find database to fill in the Database name box with available databases.
SQL query The SQL query to be used to retrieve the value from the database. Optionally, you can insert a macro in this box to retrieve Kofax ReadSoft Invoices-specific information.
Note If there is an error in your SQL statement, any remaining fields will not receive a value.