The Invoice profile dialog: General settings

To access this dialog: Using Manager, right-click an open invoice profile and click Settings.

The General settings control the status of the invoice profile, and show which business logic settings apply.

Active  Activates the invoice profile. (Details and instructions.)
Inactive  Deactivates the invoice profile. (Details and instructions.)
Country The suppliers' country of origin. (The country that was selected when the invoice profile was created.) This specifies which country profile is used.

Other is commonly used as a "country", since it contains fields that are used in many countries. Examples: invoice number, invoice data, total amount.

For invoice profiles that were upgraded from an earlier Kofax ReadSoft Invoices 5 installation, the Country box is empty. However, you can select one.

Important: If you select a country after upgrading Kofax ReadSoft Invoices or after importing an older invoice profile, you must also upgrade the invoice profile or at least connect its fields to business logic. Until you do so, the business logic included with the country profile remains unused, and you miss out on very useful Kofax ReadSoft Invoices functionality.

Invoice type Specifies the invoice type, used for invoice classification.
Changed The date the invoice profile was last saved.
Version The version number of the country profile that was used when the invoice profile was created. Country and Version together determine the path where the business logic settings (Eiglobalextra.ini, DCL files, etc.) are located.

When Country is Other, Version is the invoice profile name.

Changed The date the invoice profile was last saved.
Status Messages in the Status box tell you whether the invoice profile is complete:
  • Error messages – You must correct the error before activating the invoice profile.
  • Warning messages – You can activate the invoice profile, but it is not complete.