The Job description dialog: Output format settings

To access this dialog:

  1. Create or open a Transfer job description.
  2. Click Output format.

Use these settings to specify the output format for the Transfer job:

ASCII format
Terminate with
  • CR – Terminates each record with a carriage return.
  • LF – Terminates each record with a line-feed character.
Code page Uses the selected code page when creating the transfer file. Only Windows characters (ANSI format) are supported.
Record size
  • Variable – The record in your transaction will have different lengths, depending on the amount of data obtained from the material.
  • Fixed size – The records in your transaction will all have the same length. Records are padded with spaces to the size you specify, regardless of the layout of the transaction description associated with the individual invoices included in the job description.

The size you specify must be at least the size of the largest record in the job. Otherwise, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices truncates some records.

See Setting the record size for more information.

XML format
XML output transformation Transforms the internal ReadSoft XML invoice format to the external format specified in the XSL transformation file that you specify here.

These two settings are enabled when you select XML output in the General settings. See Configuring a job to use XML output.

XSL transformation file name