Editing and viewing master data

You can view and edit master data using Manager. Supplier and buyer information are handled similarly.

To view supplier or buyer information, select Administration > List suppliers or List buyers. The Suppliers dialog or the Buyers dialog is displayed, showing information from Kofax ReadSoft Invoices' database.

  • You can use the boxes above the table to filter the listings in the table. For example, if you type the letter “b” in the box above the Name 1 column, only entries whose Name 1 value begins with the letter “b” appear in the supplier list.
  • When viewing supplier, you can use the Invoice profile box to limit your search to a specific invoice profile.
  • To edit an item (buyers only), select it first. Then right-click the buyer and select Open. You can edit items in the Edit buyer dialog that is displayed. However, you cannot change the buyer ID.