Fujitsu (IPC) scanner settings when used with Kofax

For introductory information, please see Advanced scanner settings: Kofax settings.

Ballpoint pen Activates the IPC function ballpoint filtering, which enhances (fattens) lines and fills tiny gaps in the lines.
OCR smoothing Activates a non-destructive OCR filter that smoothes characters and lines. This option may increase legibility, and it may increase OCR rates. It may also reduce file sizes by 10 to 15%.
Preset function Predefined settings on the IPC board make it easier to use advanced IPC functionality.
Remove noise Select this option to remove noise automatically. Then choose one or more of the following sizes of noise to be removed: 2*2 speckles, 3*3 speckles, 4*4 speckles, 5*5 speckles.