Create or edit an inbox

Before Verify operators can take advantage of the inbox, an administrator must set it up.

Do the following to create or edit an inbox:

  1. Using Manager, select Settings > Inbox configuration to display the Inbox configuration dialog.
  2. Optional: Click Edit roles and users, create new inbox roles, and assign Kofax ReadSoft Invoices users to them. (You can do this after the other steps, if you wish.)
  3. Click Edit folders to display the Edit inbox folders dialog. This is where you can create inbox folders for the Verify operators.
  4. Create a new folder:
    1. Click (Add root). Focus moves to the new folder. Type a name for the folder.
    2. Optional: For the User authorization role setting, select which users can see the folder. (Users who are assigned to the selected role will see the folder.)
  5. Create a subfolder that represents a group of invoices:
    1. Click (Add child node). Focus moves to the Folder caption setting, where you can type a name for the folder.
    2. Optional: In the User authorization role setting, select which users can see the folder. (Users who are assigned to the selected role will see the folder.)
    3. Select the "child" and then select Apply selection criteria to this folder/group.

      Note that the icon of the node changes. Later, when this node is double-clicked in Verify, it will display a list of invoices based on the criteria you define in the Criteria settings.

    4. Adjust the Criteria settings for the currently selected node. Each item you select or define creates a condition that must be true in order to display an invoice in the node’s invoice list. For example, if you select Field error in the status list, only invoices with the Field error status will be displayed. If you select additional criteria, those criteria must also be true to display the invoices.
  6. Repeat the above steps until you have defined folders, subfolders, and criteria that organize the invoices in a way that is meaningful to your own production system.
  7. Recommended: Use the arrow buttons to move selected items up or down, arranging them in a logical way.
  8. Click OK to close the Edit folders dialog.
  9. Optional: Click Edit columns to display the Edit columns dialog, where you can define what columns to display in the invoice list.
  10. Optional: Click Edit Verify field order to display the Verify field order dialog, where you can specify the order in which fields are displayed to Verify operators.

Some Advice

  1. Ensure that every role contains users who can perform all the tasks necessary to operate ReadSoft Invoices. Avoid getting into a situation where there is no administrator around and no users who can process a particular inbox folder.
  2. ReadSoft Invoices offers a lot of flexibility in the area of roles and creating inbox folders. However, avoid setting up unnecessarily intricate and complicated systems of roles and inbox folders.