The Job description dialog: Status settings for Transfer jobs

To access this dialog:

  1. Create or open a Transfer job description.
  2. Click Status.

Choosing which statuses to transfer is part of creating a Transfer job description. These settings specify which invoices to process, based on their invoice status or batch status (depending on whether Use batch mode is selected in the General settings).

Batch statuses to process:
Approved Transfers invoices or batches with Approved status. Most commonly, only Approved invoices or batches are transferred.
Adjusted Transfers invoices or batches with Adjusted status.

Adjusted invoices are validated and complete. Normally, you do not transfer these invoices. Instead, you wait until they are approved before transferring them.

Note Adjusted batches (if you are using batches) can also contain Approved invoices.
Rejected Transfers invoices that were rejected in Verify.

You can set up your system so that Rejected invoices are sent to a separate output file.

Note Rejected batches (if you are using batches) can also contain Approved or Adjusted invoices.
Complete Transfers invoices or batches with Complete status.

After being interpreted, Complete invoices do not normally need any operator interaction. They passed all validations and can be sent directly to an external system with a high degree of confidence.

Note Complete batches (if you are using batches) can also contain Approved, Adjusted, or Rejected invoices.
Scanned Transfers invoices that are scanned but not interpreted or associated with an invoice definition.

All of the fields on these invoices have the default settings from the invoice profile (rather than interpreted data). Scanned invoices also contain system data such as endorser number and scan date and time.

Scanned invoices are not usually transferred. However, you can transfer these invoices if your external workflow requires information about invoices entering the system, for example.

Note Scanned batches (if you are using batches) can also contain Approved, Adjusted, Rejected, or Complete invoices.

Additional transfer settings

For each status you transfer using the Transfer module, you can define additional settings that determine what happens to the invoices when they are transferred. This allows you to perform different actions on invoices with different statuses. For example, you may want to transfer Approved invoices and Rejected invoices to separate folders for archiving purposes.

Delete transferred invoices Removes invoices from the Kofax ReadSoft Invoices database when they are processed by Transfer. (Recommended.)
Keep status Maintains each invoices most recent status instead of changing the status to Transferred when the invoice is processed by Transfer.
Keep image with output file Moves the image created by ReadSoft Invoices (depending on what is otherwise specified in the job) to the folder specified for the output under Output directory on the Output settings pane of the Transfer job description. This setting is not available if Move image files is selected first.
Move image files Moves the invoice images to a specified folder when they are transferred.