Block emails from senders while verifying invoices

If a verifier finds an invoice during processing that was received in a spam email, for example, they can block the sender directly in Verify so that future mails from the email address or domain name are not put through for processing. You can also block email addresses or domain names by adding them manually in Collector.

To block email from senders while verifying invoices:

  1. While verifying an invoice, click Block email from sender under the Invoice menu.
  2. A dialog appears prompting you to confirm that you want to block the current email from the sender. In this confirmation dialog, you can also select Block all invoices from this email address or domain? to stop the processing of all invoices from the email address or domain. Click OK.
  3. A message dialog is displayed indicating that the email address was either blocked successfully or that an error occurred including information on what may have occurred (such as the email address already exists). Click OK.
Email addresses or domain names that are blocked successfully in tis way are added to the list found on the Blocked Senders tab of the Collector General settings dialog.

An entry is also added to the invoice process log indicating that it was blocked and by which Verify user ID.