Fujitsu (IPC) scanner settings when used with ISIS

For introductory information, please see Advanced scanner settings: ISIS settings.

If Soft IPC is installed (or if you are interested in installing it), please refer to Using Fujitsu Soft IPC With ReadSoft Products (PDF file).

If PaperStream IP (iDTC) is installed (or you are interested in installing it), please refer to Using Fujitsu PaperStream IP (iDTC) With ReadSoft Products (PDF file).

Image emphasis Performs filtering to emphasize image edges and to remove background noise. The options are Low, Medium, High, and Smooth. High is for high emphasis and Low is for low emphasis. Smooth is negative emphasis.
Gamma curve If you are scanning in color or grayscale, this setting specifies which table is used. The options are: Auto, Sharp, Normal, Soft. If you are scanning in black and white, this setting has no effect.
Thresholding Select this option to activate dynamic thresholding. (When the option is disabled, "normal" thresholding is in effect.) Then choose a thresholding type. The options are: Simplified DTC, Standard DTC, and Standard DTC Auto-II.

Standard DTC Auto-II is an automatic, dynamic thresholding filter that works well.

  • If you are using scanner model 4097D or 4099D and there is no IPC board installed, this is the only legal choice.
  • If PaperStream IP is installed, this option should be selected to enable iDTC functionality in connection with Fujitsu - 7180 scanner. Note that PaperStream IP drivers need to be installed separately. The functionality can be fine tuned using INI flags in the [SCSIOptions] section of eilocal.ini (see the Kofax ReadSoft Invoices INI File Help). Note also that if this is used, the BGAdjust flag in the [SCSIOptions] section of eilocal.ini should be enabled (that is, the default value, 0, should to be changed to the recommended value, 1).

If you choose one of the other types, choose a threshold level between 0 and 7. The higher the value, the greater the sensitivity and the darker the image. If you chose Standard DTC, then 0-5 are good for OCR and 6-7 are appropriate for image scanning.

If you chose Standard DTC, choose a threshold option: Either Ordinary image for standard documents, or High contrast image for documents with a high signal/noise ratio, for example old, yellowed documents.

Note that thresholding overrides Kofax ReadSoft Invoices' own Light setting.

Prefilter Only available with Standard DTC. The options are Ordinary image and Ballpoint pen. The latter activates the IPC function ballpoint pen filtering, which enhances (fattens) lines and gets rid of tiny gaps in the lines that are caused by the reflective quality of ink.
Smooth Only available with Standard DTC. Activates a non-destructive filter that smoothes characters and lines. This option may increase legibility, and it may increase OCR rates. It may also reduce file sizes by 10 to 15%. The options are: OCR smoothing, Image smoothing.
Remove noise Only available with Standard DTC. Select this option to remove noise automatically. Then choose one or more of the following sizes of noise to be removed: 2*2 speckles, 3*3 speckles, 4*4 speckles, 5*5 speckles.