Scanner settings: Color and grayscale scanning

You can access the color and grayscale settings from the Scanner settings dialog.

Black and white

This is the default setting, and it is appropriate for almost all invoices. Since Kofax ReadSoft Invoices always converts scanned images back to black and white for interpretation, Black and white is usually even appropriate for invoices that are:

  • printed in grayscale
  • printed in color
  • printed in two tones other than black and white (such as blue and white)

Black and white scanning is faster, and resulting image files smaller, than grayscale and color scanning. If you are not sure which setting to select, consider the fact that color is usually added to invoices for the benefit of those who handle paper invoices, not to improve interpretation by Kofax ReadSoft Invoices. Scanning in black and white is usually appropriate.

If you have problems getting good black and white images with your scanner, try scanning grayscale or color images, and then adjusting grayscale to black and white conversion settings or using the color filter. Alternatively, try the suggestions found in Fine-tuning interpretation.

Grayscale, Color

You may want to use grayscale or color scanning if pages are printed in grayscale or color, and if your scanner model supports grayscale and color scanning. This is true particularly if you want to be able to see something besides black and white on the screen. For example, in some cases it is important for Verify operators to see a color image.

Scanning quality

If you selected Grayscale (8 bit) or Color (24 bit), you can adjust the scanning quality. The better the quality, the larger the file size.

This adjustment only has an effect if you move the invoice images to a specified directory after they are processed, or in a few cases where a scanner (for example a Kodak color scanner) is controlled by parameters from within Kofax ReadSoft Invoices.