Create a new standard transaction description

You must create at least one standard transaction description for each invoice profile.

Note Transaction descriptions are not used when you use XML output. Each invoice profile must still have a standard transaction description, but its content is irrelevant since it is not used.
  1. Using Manager, click the + next to the invoice profile for which you want to create a standard transaction description.
  2. Right-click the Transaction descriptions folder, and select Add. The Transaction description dialog is displayed.
  3. Click Default to display a standard transaction description for the invoice profile. The default contains a number of transaction fields with system information, followed by one transaction field for each active field profile in the order in which the fields were defined.
  4. Add, remove, or change the transaction fields to get the fields you want.
  5. Specify which type of field separation you want.

Click OK.

  1. Type a name for the standard transaction description, and click OK.
  2. If the invoice profile is open, close and save the invoice profile.