The Identification control dialog

To access this dialog: Select Invoice definition > Identification control while optimizing an invoice.

Use this dialog to check invoice identification and help determine why an invoice was not identified correctly. This is part of optimizing an invoice.

Select file Click this button to browse for a file that has identification problems.
Selected file Displays the name of the selected file.
Identify Click this button to perform the identification check.
Screen value  Dot distribution value.

This is a preliminary template that Interpret uses to identify an invoice before it looks for identifiers. The Screen value can range from 0 to 200, but only values from 130 to 200 are acceptable. If the Screen value is within the acceptable range, Interpret tries to recognize the supplier’s identifiers.

Obj   Identifier object label.
Type   Type of identifier. V for value identifier or L for image (logo) identifier.
Sync   Tells if the preliminary image search was successful.

This value does not apply to value identifiers.

Ident   Shows the final identification points.

For value identifiers, the Ident value can range from 0 to 100, but only a value of 100 indicates successful identification of the identifier.

Note For image identifiers, both the Sync and Ident values can range from –1000 to 1000, but only values from 300 to 1000 are acceptable. Both the Sync and Ident values must be within this range in order for the image identifier to be correctly identified.