The Field profile dialog: General settings

To access this dialog:

  1. Using Manager, open the invoice profile.
  2. If you are going to edit the settings, make sure the invoice profile is inactive.
  3. Open the field profile.
  4. Click General.

These settings can be adjusted for single item and line item field profiles as well as line item field definitions.

Name  The name of the field profile as it appears in the invoice profile.
Field type* The available field types are determined by what country profile you are using. Choosing a field type connects the field to business logic. See Country profiles and the Field types dialog for additional information, if needed.
Type*   The format type of the field.
Format* Select one or more of the choices for field format.
Language* The language for a date field.

See also: Adjusting the year on invoices from countries that use alternate calendars

Specification* Type a specification that describes the characters that are allowed and the field length. Note that this specification is limited to 256 characters.

See also:

* Setting is also saved in the invoice definition.