Batch variables

You can print a batch report after scanning each batch. The report contains data about the batch, using batch variables. If you use the default batch report layout, the batch report contains:

System variable Format Description
#BatchDate YYYYMMDD The date the batch was scanned. It is the current date according to your system, specified in the short date format specified by your Windows settings.
#BatchIdx N(4) The sequence number of the invoice in the batch, set by the system.
#BatchNo N(6) The batch number, set by user or system.
#BatchPrefix X(12) The batch prefix, set by user or system. Example.
#BatchSize N(4) The number of pages in the batch. Set by user or system.
#BatchTime hhmmss The time the batch was scanned. It is the system time in the format HHMM. (That is, 8:15 a.m. is specified as 0815 and 4:20 p.m. is specified as 1620.) More info.

Note that #BatchDate and #BatchTime can have a different format in the transfer file.

You can change the format of the #BatchSize and #BatchPrefix.

You can also define your own batch variables.