Handle unidentified invoices manually

An unidentified invoice has usually passed Interpret, where partial data capture was performed. The invoice definition is partly learned automatically.

In Verify, you can handle such invoices in several different ways. The standard way of handling unidentified invoices is to learn them in Optimize.

An alternative way to handle unidentified invoices is to type their data manually. Manual entry is useful in dealing with (for example):

  • Individual invoices from a one-time supplier. In such cases the effort of learning the invoice definition would be wasted. (See also: New and one-time suppliers.)
  • Torn or damaged invoices, if they have passed Interpret. (If an invoice has not passed Interpret, it still has Scanned status. In that case, see Processing a torn or damaged invoice.)

To handle unidentified invoices manually

  1. Ensure that Unidentified is selected in the Status settings of the Verify job description.

    Or, if you are using an inbox, ensure that Unidentified is selected in the Statuses section of the Edit inbox folders dialog.

  2. Using Verify, type the field values manually instead of going through Kofax ReadSoft Invoices' automatic learning process.