Verifying batches

This topic describes verifying batches of invoices using a Verify job. If you use an inbox instead, batches are not kept together. In that case verifying batches is just like verifying invoices that are not in batches – see Verifying invoices.

  1. Start the Verify job.
  2. If you have user-selected batches, select one or more batches from the list and click OK.
  3. Verify the invoices.

Invoices in a batch are not transferred until all of them are verified. Therefore:

  • If you stop the job before finishing a batch, be sure to start it again and finish verifying the invoices.
  • When you have finished the batch, you can click the Start button to select a new batch.


  • While any operator is working on a batch, no other operators can work on it.
  • With user-selected batches, select only the batches you will verify. When you have selected a batch, other operators cannot select it.