Security setting

You can specify the Security setting for all fields (excluding logo identifiers). This can be done on the field profile level and the field definition level:

Use the Security slider to adjust how sure Interpret must be about each character.

  • Max. security means that Interpret must be absolutely sure about every character.
  • Max. interpretation means that Interpret guesses when it is not sure of a character. The higher the security, the less Interpret guesses and the more sure the result is.

When to use this setting

  • Use high or maximum security:

If fields are falsely marked as complete too frequently. You want Kofax ReadSoft Invoices to display an asterisk (*) and set the field status to Error when Kofax ReadSoft Invoices is not sure of a character.


A supplier has important data, such as an article number that you need, in a description field that can contain both numbers and letters. Use high or maximum security.

  • Use high or maximum interpretation (low security):

If you want more fields to be marked as complete. You want Kofax ReadSoft Invoices to display the most likely character and set the field status to Complete when Kofax ReadSoft Invoices is not sure of a character.

Note warning
  • This setting can have unexpected results. The effect can be very different for different fields. Results can vary greatly depending on the quality of the invoice and the invoice image. Test the effect of your changes on a large number of invoices.
  • High or maximum interpretation can result in undetected errors. Wrong characters can be shown for a field with Complete status. Use only for fields that are validated against valid values, or fields whose values do not have to be correct.


  • Do not use this setting to correct poor interpretation that is due to poor invoice images or incorrect use of Optimize. Fix those problems at their source instead.
  • The normal setting is 5 (the fifth dot from the left).
  • Changes to this setting do not affect existing invoice definitions.
  • This setting affects field values only and does not affect how field titles are interpreted.