Scanner settings: Document feed

Using the Document feed control in the Scanner settings dialog, select how you want to feed invoices into the scanner when processing them.

Automatic feed If you choose Automatic feed, you will be putting a stack of invoices in the scanner, rather than feeding the invoices into the scanner one by one. Most scanners support this option.
Manual feed Choose this setting if you want to place invoices into the scanner one by one.
Flatbed scanner Choose Flatbed scanner if your scanner is the type that has a flat glass surface for the invoice to be scanned, covered by a lid. Flatbed scanning is useful if the pages that you are scanning are too thin or are for some other reason not suitable for other types of document feeding.

After each page you scan, the Operator control dialog is displayed and you must click Continue to scan another page.

When you choose this option, you cannot use the batching and endorsing functions.