Invoice status

Each invoice in Kofax ReadSoft Invoices' database has an invoice status. Generally, status is an indication of which modules an invoice has been handled by and its error level or lack of errors.

In Kofax ReadSoft Invoices documentation, the names of statuses are capitalized and italicized.

The figure above shows which statuses can be assigned by each production module in Kofax ReadSoft Invoices' workflow.

An invoice status is equal to the lowest field status on the invoice. This means, for example, that an invoice with the Validation error status may also contain fields with higher statuses such as Retype and Complete.

Statuses assigned by:

  • Scan
    • Scanned.  Scanned invoices have been scanned into the system but have not yet been processed by Interpret. Such invoices are usually processed further in Interpret and Verify but can also be transferred if your external workflow requires information about invoices entering the system.

Torn or damaged invoices may also have this status.

Rerouted invoices also have Scanned status.

  • Interpret
    • Uncertain separation. The invoice needs to checked and possibly re-separated using document separation. This status is only available when using automatic document separation.
    • Duplicate. The invoice has been identified as a potential duplicate invoice.
    • Manual entry. The invoice contains fields that must be typed manually using Verify.
    • Unidentified. The invoice could not be identified.
    • Field error. The invoice contains at least one field that could not be located.
    • Field proposal. The invoice contains at least one field that has proposals. Interpret found more than one possible match for the field and it is unable to determine which proposal is correct.
    • Interpretation error. The invoice contains at least one field that Interpret could not interpret completely.
    • Validation error. The invoice contains at least one field with the status Validation error.
    • Retype. The invoice contains at least one field that must be retyped.
    • Complete. All the fields on the invoice have been interpreted without error. Invoices with this status contain only Complete fields.
  • Verify
    • Scanned. Rerouted invoices have this status.
    • Rejected. Rejected invoices have been manually rejected, rather than approved or adjusted, by the Verify operator. Such invoices can re-verified by choosing Rejected in the Verify job description, or they can be transferred.
    • Adjusted. An invoice with this status has been edited manually in Verify. Incorrect value fields have been corrected. An invoice be adjusted several times. All fields have the status Complete.
    • Approved. Invoices with this status have been approved (confirmed) by the user. The statuses of all fields on an Approved invoice are changed to Complete, if they did not have that status already.
    • Parked. Invoices with this status have been put on hold. A warning dialog can be displayed automatically in Verify after a specified number days (by adding ParkedInvoicesExpiryDays=x, where x is the number of days, in the [Verify] section of eilocal.ini).
  • Transfer

You can find out how many invoices for a specified invoice profile are present in the database with various statuses.

Note In rare situations, you may see an invoice with Error status (an abnormal status) or with no status at all. Such invoices are corrupt, and it is recommended that you delete them.