Test your setup using image files

You can use image files created during scanning for testing and optimizing almost any aspect of Kofax ReadSoft Invoices, such as:

Using image files during testing saves you the step of having to scan them each time.

Basic procedure

  1. To create the image files, run a Scan job and scan the invoices you want to use for testing purposes.
  2. The first time you interpret the invoices, select Internal as the Invoice source for your Interpret job.
  3. Thereafter, select Import invoice image files as the invoice source.
  4. After each run, use Windows Explorer to move interpreted image files from the Move files to directories back to the source directory.
Note If you do this many times, the images are deskewed repeatedly, which can reduce image quality. To prevent this, you can copy the image files at the beginning of the process and place them in a separate location. Then use those copies each time.

Alternatively, click Import multi-image files in Multi-image options. Then the original files are not deskewed, since new files are created, and you can move the original files back for reinterpretation.