Export XML invoice profiles and definitions from the system

Note that XML invoice definitions can only be exported in connection with the XML invoice profile they belong to.

To export XML invoice profiles and definitions from a test system, for example, so that they can be used in production:

  1. Using the Manager module, select Plugins > XML Maintenance.
  2. Click the XML invoice profiles tab.
  3. Click Export at the bottom of the dialog to display the Export of XML profiles and XML definitions dialog.
  4. Select the profiles that you want to export in the list in the dialog that is displayed.
  5. If you want to change the default output directory location, specify the path to the folder where you want to put the exported files (or press the button and navigate to the desired folder).
  6. Click Export.

    Each exported XML invoice profile is saved in the specified folder in a separate file with the .sxprof file extension and any XML invoice definitions that belong to it are saved with the .sxdef file extension.