The Job description dialog: Endorser settings

To access this dialog:

  1. Create or open a Scan job description.
  2. Click Endorser.

These settings specify the endorser settings for your scanner.

None Disables the endorser.
Manual Enables manual endorsing.
Auto Enables auto endorsing.
Horizontal pos Specifies the horizontal position of the endorser. (See details below.)
Vertical pos Specifies the vertical position of the endorser. (See details below.)
Prefix Specifies the endorser prefix, including the counter placeholder characters. See separate topic.
Use database counter This setting becomes available if endorsing is enabled (see above) and if you defined a database counter. See Endorsers: Using a database counter for more information.
Define counter This setting becomes available if endorsing is enabled (see above). (More information.)
Start value Type the number to be endorsed on the first invoice processed by the job. The Start value must not exceed 17 digits.
Quantity Type the number of invoices to be scanned and endorsed. Any number between 1 and 99999 is valid. When this number of invoices is reached, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices stops the scanner and informs the operator.

Horizontal pos and Vertical pos

Specify in millimeters or in inches (depending on the Papersize setting in Eiglobal.ini) where you want the string to be printed, relative to the upper left-hand corner of the invoice. The first character in the string is printed in the position you specify.

Exception: The Panasonic 905C uses a different way of specifying the position of the endorser string.

Endorser number displayed in Manager

When using an endorser, Manager displays the numbers in a new column in the invoice list view.

Define an endorser, and this number will appear in the new column in Manager after scanning a document.

Limitation: The database counter does not work.