The Job description dialog: Source settings

To access this dialog:

  1. Create or open an Interpret job description.
  2. Click Source.

These settings determine how invoices enter the system when you run an Interpret job. For additional information, see Invoice sources.

Invoice source
Internal Processes invoices after they are scanned by Scan. (Interpret gets images from the location specified by the Images setting in Eilocal.ini.)
Import invoice image files Processes image files that are in a supported image file format.

Click Configure to specify more about the files and where they are located. You can import images from subfolders and/or from multi-image files.

Data source extension Processes invoices that come from ReadSoft Collector, Documents, or another optional product.

Click Configure to specify file locations and other settings for the data source.

See also: "Configuring the Interpret job to process XML invoices" in Collector help for more information.