The Verify module: An overview

Use the Verify module to correct and approve invoices that have been processed by Interpret. You can also check data with no error status if you wish to confirm it.

To verify means to check, supplement and correct interpreted invoices. The program displays interpreted field values, and you can confirm, add or correct values as required.

You decide which invoices you want to verify and correct. You can limit your work to invoices and fields with a certain status and choose from many options for how you want the program to interact with you during the process. These settings are all made in the Verify job description.

When an invoice has been approved and processed by Verify, the invoice image and the data are ready to be transferred to a file using Transfer.

Starting and running Verify

To start the process, you must first open or create a Verify job description that tells Verify which invoices with which status you want to verify. Then start it by selecting Job > Start.