#Pages – The system variable

The #Pages system variable returns the names and paths of the invoice images and appendix images. File names are listed in the sequence the images were scanned.

The default format of #Pages is X(8000). You can set the length to another value if this length is not suitable, by editing the transaction description.

The file names are separated with a NULL character (value 0). The last file name is followed by two NULL characters (00).


C:\Program Files\ ReadSoft\INVOICES\IMAGES\4K943003.TIF[NULL] C:\Program Files\ ReadSoft\INVOICES\IMAGES\4K943005.TIF[NULL] C:\Program Files\ ReadSoft\INVOICES\IMAGES\4K94007.TIF[NULL][NULL]

Note If you use the API to retrieve this system variable, you must use the FileNameSeparator setting in Eilocal.ini to specify a separator other then the NULL character. Otherwise, the string is truncated at the first NULL character.