Delete invoices in Verify

Invoices can be deleted from the database in Verify in two ways:

Delete an invoice while verifying it

To delete individual invoices while they are being verified, click Invoice > Delete to delete the currently displayed invoice from the database.

This command is useful, for example, if a stray paper got mixed in with a batch of invoices and does not belong in the system.

Note that this command does not delete the image file associated with the invoice. The image file must be deleted manually.

Delete invoices directly from the Inbox

To delete one or more invoices directly from the Inbox, complete the following steps.

  1. Expand and double-click a folder in the Inbox to display the invoices it contains. Note that invoices in the Uncertain separation folder cannot be deleted this way.
  2. Select one or more invoices in the list displayed, right-click and click Delete in the context menu, or press Delete on the keyboard.