Update invoice definitions using imported supplier data

Automatic updates

When you import master data, supplier data is updated in the Kofax ReadSoft Invoices database. Then Kofax ReadSoft Invoices automatically finds invoice definitions that are connected to the updated suppliers and updates details in those definitions, if necessary.  

Note Supplier details are only updated automatically if a supplier with the same ID exists in the master data.

Manual updates

Sometimes you need to update the supplier in an invoice definition and link it to a different supplier in the master data. For example, say one of your suppliers merges with another company. This results in a new supplier in the master data, and you must manually change the invoice definition by connecting it to this new supplier. Use the procedure described below.

When you do this, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices can perform a more extensive attempt to match suppliers, using all supplier data that appears in both the master data and invoice definitions.

Note Before starting this procedure, ensure that only suppliers from the master data are displayed in the Optimize module, so that you are only able to match suppliers from the invoice definitions with those in the master data. (Instructions.)
  1. Using Manager, select Settings > Master data policy.
  2. Select both settings in that dialog.

  4. Open the Optimize module.
  5. Right-click one of the invoice profiles and select Open. The list of invoice definitions is displayed.
  6. Select the invoice definition(s) for which you want to find a different supplier in the master data.
  7. Right-click and select Match suppliers.
  8. Kofax ReadSoft Invoices attempts to match suppliers based on the invoice definition image and supplier details in the master data. If matches are found, the Optimize module displays the invoice and the name of the supplier from the master data.

  9. If the match is correct, click Approve. Repeat this process until the suppliers for all selected invoice definitions are matched and connected.

    If the match is incorrect, you can manually correct the correct supplier name. As you begin typing, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices displays the first supplier in the supplier registry that matches what you type. Press Enter when the correct supplier is displayed, and click Approve to save the selected invoice definition(s).

The result: The selected invoice definitions are connected with the new supplier and updated with supplier details from the master data.