Send feedback on emailed invoices directly from Verify

You can send feedback to the supplier directly from Verify for invoices that are received by email using Collector.

  • This cannot be done for invoices that enter the system in other ways such as scanning or image file import.
  • This feature is available in Kofax ReadSoft Invoices 6.0.2 and later only.

  1. While processing an invoice in Verify, click Invoice > Send feedback email.
  2. In the Send feedback email dialog, type the supplier's email address in the To box.
  3. Type appropriate text for the subject of the email in the Subject box.
  4. Type the desired message in the Body box.
  5. If you want to include the invoice itself with the email, click Attach original invoice to email.
  6. Click Send.
    • The email settings for this functionality must be set up in ReadSoft before you can use the procedure above. See "Configuring the Interpret job to process email" in Collector help for more information.
    • You can send feedback emails to multiple recipients. To add the email address of multiple recipients, enter the recipients' email addresses in the To box separated by a semicolon (;).


    • Using Attach original invoice to email to mail does not work for invoices that were interpreted using previous versions of Kofax ReadSoft Invoices or ReadSoft Collector that have been upgraded to this version. However, feedback can still be sent for these invoices without the attachment.