List of users currently active in the system

To see which users are currently logged in to the system, click Administration > List active users in the Manager module.

The following information displays for each user that is logged in:

  • User name - the name of the user in the system
  • Windows user name - the Windows user name for the corresponding system user name
  • Host name - the name of the computer on which the user is logged in
  • Module name - the name of the Kofax ReadSoft Invoices module the user is working in
  • Start time - the time when the user logged in to the system

Users are removed from the list when they log out. However, if something unexpected happens in the module they were working in before they log out, the entry remains in the list.

Logged user activity

User activity data is logged in the database. Control the size of the database by creating a maintenance plan selecting Remove user log older than x days.