Bank account fields: Overview

Bank account fields contain information about how an invoice is to be paid. Depending on the country, this information can consist of bank clearing numbers, account numbers, IBAN numbers, etc.

The information is normally found in table format:

Functionally, both bank account tables and tax tables contain line items. However, they are handled somewhat differently and are therefore described separately.

To capture bank account information, add a table field profile. Select BankAccountTable as the table Type. Then define each column in the bank account table as its own bank account field profile.

You can choose to encrypt the bank account fields using the EncryptBankFields flag in eiglobal.ini. For more information, refer Kofax ReadSoft Invoices INI Help.

After optimization, you verify bank account data just as you would verify other line item fields.

You can use DCL to capture German bank account numbers even if they are not in table format, like this:

Postbank1, BLZ 360 700 50, Account number 1111111 or Postbank2, BLZ 810 540 00, Account number 711111111

Data from bank account fields can be included in transaction descriptions. (Instructions.)

  • Bank account fields can only be found on the first page of the invoice.
  • You can only capture data from one list of bank accounts (BankAccountTable) per invoice.
  • In bank account fields, the Supplier field setting is selected by default.