Interpret and learn invoices

Unidentified invoices

When working with an unidentified invoice, Interpret automatically tries to learn the invoice. (Exception: If you run Interpret using the <SYSTEM> invoice profile, invoice definitions are created in Verify.) Interpret creates a new invoice definition for this invoice. Interpret searches for the fields by first looking for the titles specified in the field profiles, and then for the corresponding field values.

If Interpret cannot learn all the fields on an invoice, you must complete the fields using the Verify or Optimize module.

Identified invoices

Normally, there are complete invoice definitions available for most invoices you process, since when you are in production you have learned the invoices for all frequent suppliers. For these invoices, Interpret uses their invoice definitions and processes the invoices (interprets them and validates their field values). There is usually no further learning needed for these invoices.

However, if more invoices of the same type (invoices that have the same identifier or identifiers) come to Interpret before the invoice definition is complete, there are two alternatives:

  • If the identifiers have previously been learned, and the new invoice is identified, Interpret uses the existing partially learned invoice definition to interpret and validate the fields.
  • If the identifiers have not been learned, the new invoice cannot be identified. A new invoice definition is created, and Interpret tries to learn this definition. Later, when you use Optimize, you will indicate that the two invoices belong to the same invoice definition and the two existing invoice definitions will be reduced to one.