XML invoice standard - ebInterface

ebInterface is an XML invoice standard that is used in Austria.

If you receive XML invoices from one or more companies from there, the invoices may come in this format.

This topic lists the Kofax ReadSoft Invoices field types that are normally mapped to elements in these documents and indicates where in the XML code the elements are normally found. The Kofax ReadSoft Invoices field types that are not normally mapped to XML elements are not listed here.

For more information on how the logic in Collector's intelligent XML functionality works with this standard, please see ReadSoft COLLECTOR Integration Specification.pdf. You can obtain this document from your Kofax representative.

Kofax ReadSoft Invoices field Location of element mapped in the XML code
Buyer fields  
Name Invoice/InvoiceRecipient/Address/Name
Buyer VAT Regno Invoice/InvoiceRecipient/VATIdentificationNumber
Country Code Invoice/InvoiceRecipient/Address/Country@CountryCode
Country Invoice/InvoiceRecipient/Address/Country
Postal Code Invoice/InvoiceRecipient/Address/ZIP
Street Invoice/InvoiceRecipient/Address/Street
POBox Invoice/InvoiceRecipient/Address
City Invoice/InvoiceRecipient/Address/Town
Telephone Number Invoice/InvoiceRecipient/Address/Phone
Email Invoice/InvoiceRecipient/Address/Email
Fax Number  
Buyer number  
Supplier fields  
Name Invoice/Biller/Address/Name
Supplier no invoice/Biller/invoiceRecipientBillerID
PO Box invoice/Biller/Address/POBox
Street invoice/Biller/Address/Street
Postal Code invoice/Biller/Address/ZIP
City invoice/Biller/Address/Town
Country Code invoice/Biller/Address/Country/@CountryCode
Country invoice/Biller/Address/Country
Telephone Number invoice/Biller/Address/Phone
Supplier Tax reg no invoice/Biller/VATIdentificationNumber
Email invoice/Biller/Address/Email
Kofax ReadSoft Invoices Standard Field Types Location of element mapped in the XML code
Invoice Credit If (DocumentType = Invoice OR

    DocumentType = InvoiceForAdvancePayment OR

    DocumentType= InvoiceForPartialDelivery OR

    DocumentType=FinalSettlement OR

    DocumentType=SubsequentDebit                       )


    if( PayableAmount >= 0)

         Its an invoice

    if( PayableAmount < 0)

         Its a credit note


If (DocumentType = CreditMemo OR

    DocumentType = SelfBilling OR

    DocumentType= SubsequentCredit OR )


    if( PayableAmount >= 0)

         Its a Credit note  

    if( PayableAmount < 0)

         Its an Invoice


Invoice number Invoice/InvoiceNumber
Invoice date Invoice/InvoiceDate
GrossAmount invoice/TotalGrossAmount
invoice currency invoice/invoiceCurrency
Invoice order number Invoice/invoiceRecipient/OrderReference/OrderID

Add advanced rule.

Use line item value if missing on header level:

Buyer VAT reg no invoice/invoiceRecipient/VATIdentificationNumber
Supplier VAT reg no Invoice/Biller/VATIdentificationNumber
Invoice baseline date Invoice/InvoiceDate
Invoice due date invoice/PaymentConditions/DueDate
Tax rate percent Invoice/Tax/VAT/item/TaxRate
Tax Sum of all Invoice/Tax/VAT/Item/TaxedAmount

There is no field in the standard.

XSL code:

<xsl:template match="/">

<xsl:variable name='VATItems' select="/eb:Invoice/eb:Tax/eb:VAT/eb:Item" />

<xsl:variable name='SumOfVATAmount' select="sum($VATItems/eb:Amount)" />

<xsl:value-of select="$SumOfVATAmount"/>


Subtotal (netto) Sum of all line item amounts:


XSL code:

<xsl:template match="/">

<xsl:for-each select="/*[local-name()='Invoice']/*[local-name()='Tax']/*[local-name()='VAT']">

<xsl:if test=".">

<xsl:variable name='TaxAmount' select="sum(*[local-name()='Item']/*[local-name()='Amount'])" />

<xsl:value-of select="format-number($TaxAmount,'0.00')"/>




Delivery date Invoice/Delivery/Date
Supplier account number 1, 2, 3  
Payment type  
Payment terms  
Payment terms interest  
payment reference number  
Delivery terms  
Delivery note Invoice/Delivery/Description
Invoice tax amount 1-3  
Buyer tax number 1-2  
Invoice note  
Invoice period end  
Invoice period start  
Postal code (Supplier)  
Buyer contact person name  
Line Item Fields Location of element mapped in the XML code
LIT_ArticleName Description
LIT_ArticleNumber ArticleNumber
LIT_DeliveredQuantity Quantity
LIT_DeliveredQuantityUnitCode Quantity/@Unit
LIT_OrderNumber Map to: Invoice/Details/ItemList/ListLineItem/InvoiceRecipientOrderReference/OrderID.

Use advanced rule.

If missing, use:


LIT_RowIdentifier Invoice/Details/itemList/ListLineItem/PositionNumber
LIT_UnitPriceAmount UnitPrice
LIT_VatRate TaxRate
Attachment fields Location of element mapped in the XML code
Invoice note field Location of element mapped in the XML code