Deactivate an invoice profile

You must deactivate an invoice profile before upgrading or deleting it, editing identifier profiles or field profiles, and inactivating line item field table for invoice profiles. Note that you can only do this if there are no invoices of this type in the database.

  • While you are creating an invoice profile, it is Inactive.
  • Inactive invoice profiles may contain incomplete or invalid field profiles; this is normal while working with a new invoice profile.
  • Inactive invoice profiles cannot be used in jobs.


  1. Use Manager to check that there are no invoices for the invoice profile in the database. You can only deactivate an invoice profile if there are no invoices for it in the database.
  2. If necessary, finish processing all invoices of this type or delete them from the database.
  3. Click the Invoice profiles object bar.
  4. Right-click the invoice profile and select Open.
  5. Right-click the invoice profile and select Settings.
  6. Select General.
  7. Select Inactive.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Save or close the invoice profile.
The icon for inactive invoice profiles in the Invoice profiles object bar are gray.