Supported image file formats (import)

The table below shows which image file formats can be interpreted by Kofax ReadSoft Invoices.

Name Extension Imported
Brooktrout 301, BRK Yes
Microsoft Windows Bitmap BMP Windows bitmap image files
CALS Raster CAL, RAS, CALS CALS type I files
Windows Clipboard CLP CF_DIB type CLP files
Dr. Halo CUT, PAL Yes
Encapsulated Postscript File EPS, EPI, EPSF The image preview portion of the file of any valid EPS image if written with TIFF, Microsoft Windows Metafile (WMF) or Macintosh PICT.
Electronic Art's Interchange File Format IFF Yes
GEM Raster IMG (also used by several other formats) Yes
Image Object Content Architecture ICA All valid IOCA images not requiring a patent license
JPEG File Interchange Format JPG JFIF-JPEG and progressive JPEG files
Macintosh Paint PNTG, MAC Yes
Mixed Object Document Content Architecture   All valid MO:DCA image files
MS Paint MSP Yes
Portable Bitmap File Format PBM Yes
PC PaintBrush File Format PCX Yes
Portable Graymap File Format PGM Yes
Portable Document Format PDF Requires licensing. Kofax ReadSoft Invoices supports all PDF versions including 1.5 and later.

For more information, please refer to PDF Format Requirements (PDF document).

Macintosh PICT PICT, PCT Yes
Portable Network Graphics PNG Yes
Portable AnyMap File Format PNM Yes
Portable Pixmap File Format PPM Yes
Adobe PhotoShop PSD, 8PBS Yes
Sun Raster Data Format RAS Yes
Runlength Encoded File RLE Yes
SGI Image File Format SGI, BW, RGB, RGBA Yes
Truevision Targa TGA Yes
Tagged Image File Format TIF, TIFF All valid TIFF images. Multi-TIFF options.
Microsoft Windows Metafile WMF Yes
WordPerfect Graphics Metafile WPG The raster portion of all valid WPG files
X Bitmap xbm, bm, bitmap Yes
X Pixmap XPM Yes
X Window Dump wd, xwd Yes