The Job description dialog: Control settings

To access this dialog:

  1. Create or open a Verify job description.
  2. Click Control.

These are some Verify job description settings:

Identified invoices

With this setting, you can change and correct field values. If you see that a field on an invoice is incorrectly interpreted, you can edit the value instead of rejecting the entire invoice. You can also choose this option if you simply want to check data, not necessarily change it.


When this option is selected, you cannot change field values. Instead, you tell Verify whether an invoice is approved. If you do not approve an invoice, you can reject or skip it.

Adjust and approve

This option allows you both to edit field values and to approve an invoice when verifying. If an invoice is correctly interpreted except for one field, for example, you can adjust the incorrect field and then approve the invoice.


When opened, interpreted invoices are reinterpreted according to the most recent invoice definition. In addition, invoices are reinterpreted if you select a different supplier. (More info.)


Allows the Verify operator to verify an invoice more than once. After the Verify operator has approved or rejected an invoice, he or she can go back to the invoice any number of times. The operator can change the invoice data and then approve, reject, or delete the invoice. The operator cannot re-verify an invoice after it is transferred or after it is deleted.

To use this option, you must also select Adjusted, Rejected, and Approved as statuses to verify.