Define a field where title occurrence sets value

  1. Add a single item field profile.
  2. Select the General settings.
 Select Type Regular.
 Do not change the Format and Format specification. They are set to Numeric and N(1).
  3. Select the Titles settings.
 Select Use titles to search for value.

    Type one or more texts to look for in Title and add them to Selected titles.

  4. Select the Placement settings.

 Select a Value position on invoice to set the position of the title.
 Do not adjust Value location, Rotation, and Paragraph – they are not used.

  5. Select the Options settings.

    Select Occurrence and Title occurrence sets value.

    Optional: Select Inactive, No verification, and Field sorting.

    Do not select No interpretation.

  6. Optional: Select the Validation, Table validation, and Events settings.

    Adjust the settings if desired.

  7. The Interpretation settings should only be adjusted in special situations. Be sure to read more about the Security setting before you specify the field security.