Allow invoices to be archived when they are scanned

This functionality is provided in connection with the ScanInfo component.

Scan operators can be provided the ability to archive invoices when they are scanned adding three user-defined variables that are transferred to the ERP system (mainly used by ReadSoft Invoices Cockpit). This functionality is used to send the fiscal year and the referenced document number the scanned document should be attached to into the ERP system.

Do the following to give Scan operators the opportunity to archive invoices when they are scanned:

  1. In Manager, click Settings > Scan Info configuration.
  2. Click Add and select Archive only from the list.
  3. In the Selected scan dialog parts dialog, click the Archive only item in the list and then click Edit.
  4. Select to archive all invoices or only those for specific invoice profiles or job descriptions. If you select one of the latter, you must also click Select profiles or Select jobs respectively to select the profile or job description for which you want invoices archived when they are scanned.
  5. Select Allow user to disable AutoArchive during scanning if you want the Scan operator to be able to toggle archiving on/off. Note that this only applies if specific profiles or jobs have been selected for archiving.
  6. Specify the default action for what is displayed in the Archive only section of the Additional information dialog by selecting one of the following options:
    • Do not save last selection - the box is empty when the dialog opens.
    • Remember last selection during session - the most recently selected buyer is the default buyer during the current Scan session. However, the next time you start the Scan module, no buyer is selected initially.
    • Remember last selection beween sessions - the most recently selected buyer is the default buyer, even if Scan is restarted.
  7. Click RemoteScanSender to configure the component.
  8. Click OK to save the configuration.

Advanced configuration

The names of the user-defined variables created and some extra functionality can be adjusted using the following code in the ScanInfoConfiguration.xml file found in the GlobalPath folder. However, use caution when doing this.

    <ScanInfoPartBase xsi:type="ArchiveOnly">

Select archiving options when invoices are scanned

When you start the scan job, go to the section of the Additional information dialog for the user-defined variable in question (the name of the UDV was specified in step 4 above), and select or specify the value depending on the value type specified for it.