The Suppliers dialog in connection with master data

To access this dialog:

  • Using Manager: Select Administration > List suppliers.
  • Using Verify or Optimize: Click Supplier number in the Verifying dialog.

This dialog displays master data from the supplier registry. Use this dialog to:

Note When you view this dialog in Verify, only suppliers that have the same corporate group ID as the selected buyer are displayed.
Note The name of this dialog is hidden if the dialog is docked (as it is by default).
Supplier Displays the supplier. (See How the supplier, supplier number, and description values are used.)
Description Displays the description.
Status Displays the invoice definition status.
Identification - see instructions
(Selection box) Specifies an identifier to use when identifying the invoice.
AND / OR Specifies a logical relationship between the selection boxes. This setting is only used if the invoice definition uses more than one identifier. (More info.)
Use currency Determines whether currency settings are used.
Default currency Determines which currency is assumed when interpreting amount fields. This setting also sets the default currency to use if Kofax ReadSoft Invoices cannot identify the invoice currency or find a value for the Currency field.

If the currency you want to use does not appear in the Default currency box, you can specify additional currencies.

Note You cannot adjust the currency unless Use currency is already selected in the invoice profile.
Automatically approve invoices with Complete status When this setting is selected, invoices that are Complete in Interpret are automatically approved and sent to Transfer. Use this setting only if the invoice definition has a long history of correct interpretation.
Note A buyer must be defined and the supplier must also be identified in order for the invoice to be approved automatically.

Filter the list

Use the boxes above the table to filter the results that are displayed:

  • Enter text to find all entries that start with it.
    • Example: Entering Read in the Name1 column.

    • Results: Reading, ReadSoft, etc.

  • Enclose text in * or % to find all entries that contain it.
    • Example: Entering *Read* or %Read% in the Name1 column.

    • Results: Reading, ReadSoft, Bread, etc.

  • Enclose text in " to find exact matches only.
    • Example: Entering "Read" in the Name1 column.

    • Result: Read only.

You can filter more than one column at a time.


Right-clicking the table gives you several options:

Open Opens the View supplier dialog, where you can see information from the supplier registry about the selected supplier, including bank information, if any.
Search bank item Opens the Search supplier bank item dialog, which displays information about suppliers that have bank information associated with them. There you can double-click an item of interest to open the View supplier dialog.
List invoices Displays the selected supplier's invoices in the Invoices dialog.

Not available if you access this dialog while verifying or optimizing invoices.

List invoice definitions Displays the selected supplier's invoice definitions in the Invoice definitions dialog.

Not available if you access this dialog while verifying or optimizing invoices.

Refresh Updates the table. (Trouble?)
Tip See "GUI settings for the Suppliers dialog in Eiglobal.ini" topic in INI file help for information on how to specify the appearance of this dialog.