What is an invoice definition?

Kofax ReadSoft Invoices uses invoice definitions to locate and interpret the fields on your invoices. This is different than an XML invoice definition.

An invoice definition is like a template of one sort of invoice from one supplier. It contains field positions and other information that Kofax ReadSoft Invoices can use to match an invoice with its supplier.

Each invoice profile can have any number of invoice definitions associated with it.

How invoice definitions are created

The Interpret module creates an invoice definition when:

  • an invoice from a new supplier enters the system.
  • a new type of invoice from an existing supplier enters the system (that is, it has a different design/layout).

This is called learning the invoice. To learn an invoice, Interpret compares the invoice with the invoice profile and tries to match fields on the invoice with the field profiles.

The Interpret module does not create an invoice definition when:

  • an invoice of the same type from an existing supplier enters the system.

In this case, an existing invoice definition is used.

Normally one invoice definition per supplier

Usually, only one invoice definition is needed for each supplier. Exception: A supplier may have variants.

If both of the settings in the Master data policy dialog are selected, new supplier names cannot be created by Kofax ReadSoft Invoices users. But you can create a variant. All invoices connected to that invoice definition or any of its variants are mapped to the same supplier information.

Normally one supplier per invoice definition

Usually, there is only one supplier associated with each invoice definition. Exception: Multiple suppliers may share one invoice definition if the supplier has different addresses (locations) but uses the same design/layout in every invoice. The only difference between invoices from different suppliers is the supplier's location. If the location is found, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices finds the correct supplier.

Note For the same invoice definition to be used for multiple suppliers, those suppliers must have the same supplier number and corporate group ID. Their only difference is their location.

How invoice definitions are used

When Interpret processes an invoice, Interpret tries to identify the invoice as matching one of the existing invoice definitions. If the invoice matches an invoice definition, Interpret interprets it according to that invoice definition.