The Settings dialog

To access this dialog: In the AutoValue configuration dialog, click File > Settings.

Note AutoValue works only with a SQL Server database. It does not work with an Oracle database.

Use these settings to adjust general settings for the AutoValue add-on.

Date format Determines which format to use when inserting the current date.
Activation Determines where AutoValue activation is to occur.

Apply auto-values in Interpret – After a field is interpreted, the value is inserted according to the specifications in the AutoValue configuration dialog. If this option is not selected, the values are not used during the interpretation process.

Apply field value copying in Verify – If you change the value of a field that is to be used for another field, the new value is copied to the other field, as well. If this option is not selected, a value that is changed during the verification process is not copied to the other field.

Log Specifies the location of the log file.